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Company law

​​In the field of company law, the Firm offers advice on incorporation of companies, statutory changes, the drafting of shareholder agreements, as well as for the definition of the governance arrangements that meet the needs of the company and reflect the relationships among the members.
In case of extraordinary transactions, the Firm assists its clients in sale of shares and corporate reorganization.

The assistance covers the structuring of transactions and due diligence activities related to the stages of drafting and negotiation.

Debt collection

The firm has significant experience in managing commercial debts, being able to make accurate judgments about the real possibilities of realization and the total cost of recovery. The firm is equipped with the necessary technical tools for direct access to key databases and public registers with the aim of informing the Client about the likely fruitfulness and cost-effectiveness of possible legal action.

We are a member of the international debt collection network QLLECTIVE, which offers its clients top quality solutions in the field of international debt collection services provided by a network of partners in over 40 jurisdictions. QLLECTIVE selects local debt collection industry professionals who combine knowledge of the rules and requirements under national laws, together with local knowledge about the debtor, which ensures the maximum score within the international debt recovery.



Business contracts

We take care of the contracts drafting and negotiation in Italian and English languages tailored to the particular needs of the Cliente, including procurement , rental, leasing, distribution, and license contracts.

This service includes assistance in negotiations and legal support in drafting all the clauses.

Business transfers

Our Firm has specific experience in the field of business transfers, providing assistance to its Clients in the negotiation and drafting of the related lease and sale contracts.

Particular attention is paid to the legal due diligence phase aimed at minimizing the risks associated with the operation, as well as to the care and optimization of the tax aspects.

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